Day 14 was my last day in Tokyo and man was it ever a long one. Check out everything after the jump!


The day started off pretty well, spotting this clean blacked out R35!


First stop of the day was to get lunch with my friend Miki for some Mexican Food. It was actually pretty nice weather out, but my phone was being wierd. So, some of these pics are foggy. :(

The burrito was actually really good, and tasted like a regular mexican food over in seattleIMG_1366

After lunch, I headed over to Shibuya to do some shopping for friendsIMG_1368

As usual, it was pretty crowded, but....IMG_1369

There was this random looking Rolls Royce chillin on the side of the street.IMG_1370

While in shibuya, I also got a quick glance of this really clean S15!IMG_1371

Next stop was to head over to Tokyo station to pickup some gifts from Tokyo Bannana, and to checkout a couple interesting stores I heard about..IMG_1372

Yep, the Tomica store! This is the same one featured in the Speedhunters article here. Sadly, there wasn't really very many interesting things this time..:\IMG_1373

I then took the train over a few stops to Akihabara to go check out Yodabashi Camera to see what other goodies they have. It's a bit wierd having big stores like this be on 8 or 9 Floors, instead of one or 2 huge ones like in the US. lolIMG_1374

This time, there were plenty of interesting Tomika models to drool over!IMG_1375

for example, they even had ones like this Toyota 86(Scion FRS/Subaru BRZ)IMG_1376

I then made my way over to the Hobby section, and was blown away how many awesome models they had!IMG_1378

Some of you might have noticed this awesome Senna model. I was really close to buying it, but it was a bit pricey at 54 bucks. :pIMG_1381

Moving down the line they had some other awesome cars like this R31 with...Michael Bay explosions..? and a sweet N2 Toyota AE86.IMG_1379

Naturally, they also had some Itasha models as well!IMG_1382

They also had some more expensive Die Cast models, but these were even more expensive ranging from $50-$500! 0_oIMG_1380

Another thing I wanted to snap a quick picture of, is in japan, they use booth babes for EVERYTHING. It's kind of awesome. :pIMG_1383

After doing some shopping, I had some time to kill before more Shenanigans that were going to take place that day. This Tropicana grapefruit soda was AMAZING! IMG_1384

My friend Kensaku(ken) was nice enough to drive all the way out to Meguro from Kakegawa to hang out! DSC_0124

We went to find a parking spot nearby, and went to get some food since he hadn't eaten dinner yet.DSC_0126

We ended up going into this place that had AMAZING tonkatsu. DSC_0127

I had the Black Pepper, and Garlic pieces, which I would later regret....alot...

Also, the rice came in these cool wooden containers!IMG_1386


After getting food, we decided to hitup the Roppongi area since I didn't quite get time to go over there yet. While driving around this Ferrari 458 Italia was spotted!DSC_0130

I kinda found this bumper sticker funny, and this sort of thing is rare in japan on regular cars. lolDSC_0131

Another shot of downtown RoppongiDSC_0132

Its hard to believe that this girl actually had the same pace as us throughout the city for about 10-15 minutes. We kept getting stuck at red lights, and she would catch up to us on her bike. lolDSC_0133

I felt like I was back in California for a second when I spotted this old school lowrider with underglow!DSC_0135

We then went over to cruise through the red light district, when we spotted one of his friend's cars. Apparently he likes to go there pretty often. :pDSC_0136

We made a short pitstop somewhere in tokyo(I forget the name), so Ken could pickup some contract thing from one of his co-workers.DSC_0139

While the contract exchange was going on, this pretty clean Mark II Chaser with BBS wheels pulled out from the alley infront of us. haha Its such a shame we don't have awesome 2JZ 4-door cars in the US..:(DSC_0140

By this time it was already around 1am, but I kind of wanted to go back to check out Daikokufuto again. So, we hopped in the Kei car beast, got on the legendary C1 Loop to do some late night wangan runs!DSC_0143

I'm still blown away at how smooth these roads are even after 20+ years of people racing on them. lolDSC_0146

Those of you who have plated Tokyo Extreme Racer, or other japanese racing games know how annoying, but also useful these lane seperators can be. Its worth noting shoving another car into these in real life at 300km/h is probably not a very good idea. :pDSC_0151

hmm...stay on the C1 loop, or hitup the legendary Wangan/BayShore route...


We decided to hop off the C1, and head towards Daikoku. Along the way, we ran into this super popular tunnel that's been featured many times in various Option videos like this one


One thing that really jumped out at me, is why Ken kept putting his hand on his visor from time-to-time. Turns out, that when speed cameras take pictures, they MUST have a picture of your license plate AND your face. If you hide you face, they can't legally give you the ticket!!! much nicer than here in the US. lolDSC_0177

We finally arrived at Daikokufuto, but decided to do some scouting around on the outer areas to see if there was any drifting going on. Years back, ken used to go drifting here alot, so we went to check out some old spots he knew of.DSC_0190

We noticed this modified scooter, which looked pretty  coolDSC_0194

Also spotted another Mark II ChaserDSC_0196

We kept finding cars scattered here and there, but no real action going on.DSC_0198

We stopped off at a small convenience store to grab some snacks, and decide whether to give up an head back to daikoku, or do some more exploring. By this time, it was already almos 2am, and I had to wake up in another 3 hours. >< Apparently, there was a big accident recently in the area when a car was drifting and slammed into a big crowd of people, killing a few. so, they moved on to some other areas. :\DSC_0199

We followed around this R33 Skyline for a bit, before heading back over to daikokuDSC_0207

Yet another skyline spotted! Its kind of funny how common they are over here compared to the couple that we have over in Seattle.DSC_0208

While it wasn't quite as crowded this time even though it was a saturday night, there were still plenty of interesting cars to check out. One of them being this Peugot or Citroen that had a huuge wing. lolDSC_0209

Here's the R32 that we spotted a few pictures above!DSC_0210

There were a small group of FD's also gathered around. All of them were pretty clean too!DSC_0213

This red one I especially thought looked awesome.DSC_0215

Off in the corner was this guy in another FD doing some quick tuning on his laptop, before heading out for some more wangan runs I assume. I chatted with him for a bit, bit he didn't seem to be in the mood. lolDSC_0217

One car that was REALLY unexpected was this Mclaren MP4-12C!DSC_0220

Its hard to describe how amazing this car looks and sounds in person!DSC_0221

A par of these nice Supras were also found off in the corner.DSC_0222

At some point, I really would love to ride in one of these guys!DSC_0223

Oddly enough, just as we were leaving was first time seeing a R34 during this trip! hahaDSC_0226

One thing I didn't realize was that they turn the lights off on Tokyo Tower after midnight in order to save power. By this time it was already 3am, and I needed to get some kind of sleep before Derek came banging on my hotel door at 6am. lol I can't wait to get back out to the Wangan in a proper car, and do some high speed runs! ^_^  Huge thanks to Ken for driving around everywhere, and coming out to Tokyo to meetup!DSC_0229


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