Day 13 I had much more energy after getting a power nap and some extra sleep. lol The weather was awesome and I mostly did a bunch of exploring with friends.DSC_0077

First up for the day  was for to  meetup with my friend Kosuke and do some exploring around Shibuya. Here you can really see how packed it is at the famous Shibuya Crossing near the Hacihko statue.DSC_0066

you can see how popular of a meetup spot this is. One thing I found that helps, is being very specific in the meetup spot. For example, in this case I said at the hachiko statue, infront of the green train. This makes it alot easier for people to find you and vice-versa! ^_^DSC_0067

After meeting up with Kosuke, we went off to grab some Curry for breakfast.DSC_0070

This is the haamburger curry breakfast. Most times when you order food, you can specify Omori(big portion). I'm glad they offer this, since sometimes regular meals aren't enough for me. Also, another thing that's pretty cool is most places always give you miso soup with your meal.IMG_1350

After breakfast we made our way across town to go check out Harajuku. One thing that's really nice,especially in the city is how smooth the roads are! Next time I come here, I'm for sure going to bring my skateboard to get around instead of walking. lolDSC_0071

Having some of these sections with shade proved a nice relief from the sun!DSC_0073

One thing that sort of caught me off guard  was this free public wifi! Usually you need to go to a coffee shop or something, so this is something I think would be really cool to implement in other countries!DSC_0074

Once at Harajuku, this familiar Ford Fiesta was spotted!DSC_0075

Turns out Ken Block is hosting a gymhana event going on in Odaiba soon, so the jdm monster girls, and the rest of the monster team were out promoting and hanging out free drinks. Something tells me people like that alot better than pointless tissues. :pDSC_0077

A quick shot of one of the main popular streets in Harajuku. Sadly, this was a weekday. So, not much was going on during the day. :\DSC_0082

another thing I noticed in japan is some wierd store names...this one i'm not sure why its called happy room, but it kinda makes me want to go there. lol


It was pretty hot out, so we decided to stop off in this cafe callded Pearl Lady to grab some bubble tea.


Little did we know, Fuji TV was actually shooting for their afternoon news segment! 0_o


At first I was kind of excited that my drink would be on national TV!IMG_1352

But then, just like these two high school girls, Me and Kosuke were actually Japanese! 0_o Luckily I didn't mess anything up, but the TV staff were pretty amazed I was able to listen and reply to questions in japanese. lol Sadly, my friend didn't record the show, so I don't have any footage of it. But, the name of the program I believe was Super News.IMG_1354

After gabbing some bubble tea, we headed over to the train station to part ways. It was great seeing him again, and I can't wait to visit again!DSC_0088

Later that afternoon I metup with my friend Teppei to have dinner, and explore some sections of Ginza!DSC_0092

One thing I still can't quite get over is how awesome Japan, and Toko specifically is at night. It doesn't really compare to any other cities i've been to so far.DSC_0093

One things I was a bit surprised with, is there weren't quite as many nice cars as I expected there to be on a saturday night. lol Luckily, this pretty clean BMW M3 was potted though.DSC_0094

I have no idea what kin dof car this is, but it looked cool. :pDSC_0098

Apparently, you can eat puffer fish in japan. But, from what Teppei tells me, yo need a special license to  serve it since it contains poison and needs to be handled a certain way. Its safe to say, I wasn't feeling quite that risky this time to eat there. :pDSC_0100

Instead we ended up grabbing some yakitori at this place, which was pretty good!DSC_0102

The ordering system was pretty similar to some places in Seattle. You pick what you want on the menu, then write it down on the piece of paper.IMG_1356

I ordered some chicken, and potato salad.IMG_1357

After eating food I was pretty familiar with, Tappei decided to have me try some wierder stuff. lol This one is chicken skin, and gizzard. The taste was actually totally fine, but the consistency I didn't really like.IMG_1358

Next up was some chicken hearts. Which, again tasted good, but the texture was not my thing. lolIMG_1359

After eating, we did some more exploring. Another thing that's pretty cool is how many different clubs, bars, and places to hangout there are in tokyo!DSC_0103

Not sure why, but I really liked this shot. lolDSC_0111

I did spot a number of Audi's like the one below, as well as tons of BMW's and Mercede's.DSC_0112

Again, you just can't be the atmosphere that some of these tiny back alley resteraunts have! ><DSC_0113

Apparently, Japan has its very own Hooters as well! 0_o I'll have to go check it out next time. lolDSC_0117

Spotted this pretty clean AMG Mercedes...DSC_0118

...and this newer Subaru ImprezaDSC_0119

One thing that's pretty cool is we got some free sushi for helping out some Europeans and the Sushi chef solve an issue with their bill. For our troubles, we were given some free sushi! Also, its worth noting how cheap the sushi is!!DSC_0120

I also took a risk, and decided to try a Natto roll. I don't rally mind Natto itself, but the sushi was actually really good!DSC_0122

One thing that also is pretty neat is most sushi places will give you green tea after your meal!DSC_0123

After getting sushi, we called it a night, and headed out at Shimbashi station. One downside to taking the train in tokyo late at night, is they stop at midnight. So, getting on the train, Especially the Yamanote line around 11-12 is always a chore from it being crazy crowded. ><DSC_0104

The following day was the last one I had to be in tokyo, so I made some plans to grab food, and do some shopping for friends.