Yuki: Boosted Goodness: Part 1

Over the past 6-9 months i’ve been saving and piecing together parts for Yuki’s new engine. Naturally, its only fitting that the platform is a SR20DET blacktop from a 1997 180sx Type-X. :p

With that said, lets kick things off so I can start going over what’s all there and how the build went!


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Yes, i’m still alive and Japan Trip #3!

hey everyone,

sorry for being so dead recently. I’ve just been busy with work, life stuff, and alot of awesome stuff with Yuki which you’ll see some posts about starting the new year.

that aside, I just wanted to give a heads up that i’m going back to japan again! This time its for the holidays. I’m trying to finish packing as we speak before flying out later this afternoon. So, Look forward to some more awesome Japan related stuff coming your way over the next couple weeks! Later!

Aka-chan KA24E-T Boostin at 7.5 psi


Been mad busy with school, but here’s a new post~ So about 9 months ago, I made a post HERE about wrapping up my turbo single cam project. In the comment section, Ken requested a video of me boosting up in the higher end. So better late than never, this is for you Ken haha.

I don’t drive her much due to school. In fact, I’ve only put 1000 miles on it so far since the complete rebuild and turbo upgrade…
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ども ファクター