Catching the Drift Bug

When I initially built my s13 named Yuki, I decided I wasn't going to be doing that many track days in an effort to keep her clean and unmolested by »


so, you may have noticed things look quite a bit different around here. I recently worked on migrating over from Wordpress to a new awesome blogging platform written in NodeJS »

Japan Trip Winter 2013: Part 5(Gunma)

hey guys, Here's the final part of my Winter 2013 Japan trip! Enjoy! I took the long train ride from Osaka all the way up to Maebashi in Gunma and »

Japan Trip Winter 2013: Part 4(Kansai)

So, here's my second to last post of my winter japan trip. Just a heads up, once this series is over, you'll be seeing some big changes on the site »

Japan Trip Winter 2013: Part 3.5(Fuji Speedway)

So, while I was in Shizuoka, Hideki invited me out to a drift day happening over at Fuji Speedway. He wasn't driving since he had an event at Tsukuba the »

Japan Trip Winter 2013: Part 3(Shizuoka)

So, kicking things back off was my venture down south of Tokyo. First stop was Shizuoka! I'm gonna do this a bit backwards, and show you my last day first »

Yuki: Boosted Goodness: Part 2

Picking up from where I left off over in Part 1, The initial build of my SR was finished. But, I was running into some spark issues. After I came »

Yuki: Boosted Goodness: Part 1

Over the past 6-9 months i've been saving and piecing together parts for Yuki's new engine. Naturally, its only fitting that the platform is a SR20DET blacktop from a 1997 »

Japan Trip Winter 2013: Part 2(Tokyo)

hey guys, Still working on trying to get this blog train rolling. Life has been hectic, so sorry for the slowness! :\ Anyways, lets pick up where we left off. The »

Japan Trip Winter 2013: Part 1(Tsukuba)

hey guys, finally, after a few months of slacking and putting this off here's my the beginning to my 3rd Japan Trip! Enjoy! So, previous cases when I went to »